What To Do With Unwanted Garbage Cans?

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We thought it might be helpful to offer some "best practices" ideas on what to do:

What to do with unwanted garbage cans

1. Washing out and re-using these containers for other purposes is certainly the best choice. If you cannot re-use the container, try offering it to a neighbor or friend

2. If you nor your friend can re-purpose it:

Assuming it is plastic, once it is clean it can be saved for a Plastic Round-up event. More info at jcrecycle.org

If you are saving your old garbage can for an upcoming Plastic Round-up, consider using the cleaned container to hold your other plastics intended for the round-up. When you transport it to the event, recycle it if you don't wish to continue using your trash can for storage for future plastics recycling.

3. If your trash can is ALL METAL and you don't have a re-use for it, take it out to our transfer station at 3000 N.Valley View Rd. and recycle it in the metal bin for free.

4. The least desirable option if washing, reusing or recycling your old can will not work for you, is to leave it out on your regular trash day with a note instructing us to remove your can, and we will take it to the landfill for you - no charge.

Severe Weather Service

- Please be advised that during periods of severe weather, (ice and snow), our drivers will enter your street to collect your garbage at their discretion. Please have all receptacles out by 7am for service. If we cannot pick up your garbage due to safety concerns, Recology will collect it during your next scheduled pick-up at no additional charge.

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Order a Recology Debris Box Recology Ashland Sanitary Service has served as Ashland, Talent and the surrounding areas solid waste disposal provider for over 50 years. Recology has a proud history of strong community interaction as well as state-of-the-art recycling services. We own and operate the Valley View Transfer Station and the downtown Ashland Recycling Center (on Water Street).

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